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Manga Review: By the Sword volume 2 (2005)

Manga Review: By the Sword volume 2 by Sanami Matoh (2005)

I love it when I find mermaids in unexpected places and that's certainly true here. I was reading this series because I'm a fan of the artist Sanami Matoh (yaoi series Fake) and I had no idea that it featured a mermaid at all... and a kappa (Japanese water sprite) in volume 1 as well, so that was a nice bonus.

The plot of the series follows a half-demon bounty hunter called Asagi on his journey to find the wife of the demon trapped in his magic sword. Along the way he meets various creatures who either help or hinder him. The first encounter entitled simply "Mermaid" has our hero encounter Mizuki a mermaid come to land to track down her sea-dragon father's demon orb which has been stolen. She takes a shine to our handsome hero and offers him her body as well as various sea treasures if he'll help her. He refuses anything more than the treasure, being attached to his companion Kaede (daughter of the demon in his sword).

Only two full tail images, but they are gorgeous. I like Sanami Matoh's artwork anyway, but it's so nice to have her draw a mermaid.

Mizuki has legs on land and the fluted ears common to most Japanese manga mermaids.

For those interested, you can read both volumes of the series online here

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