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Book Review: Merrow by Louise Cooper (2005)

Book Review: Merrow by Louise Cooper (2005)

Three teenagers; Robyn, Jay and Kieran fail to save a girl from drowning on the Cornish Coast. Kieran starts seeing her everywhere even though he knows she's dead. He believes he is being haunted and becomes increasingly distant and angry towards his girlfriend and best mate. Robyn thinks that the girl might be the Merrow of Cornish legend.

This is a wonderful coming of age YA novel that perfectly captures the elusive nature of the merrow. We never find out one way or the other, nor by the end do we really care, she is a cypher there to help explore the emotions and relationships of the three main characters.

Mermaid enthusiasts are going to be disappointed, this is no H20 or Aquamarine with a fish tailed protagonist, but a far darker story with a somewhat open, bitter ending. I was absolutely hooked by the mystery and thought the punchy writing kept a cracking pace.

Verdict 6.5/10

Mermaid Art

Two original pieces of art  by my friend Max Bowman who claims there are not nearly enough images of mermen out there. Well I can't argue that one.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Albrecht Dürer: The Sea Monster

The Sea Monster by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)
An engraving showing a woman being abducted by a sea monster.
Showing until April 14th 2013 

The Northern Renaissance: Dürer to Holbein

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pichi Figures

New Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pichi Figures

Aren't these just the cutest ever? I have a couple of volumes of the manga, I just wish the anime was readily available. Apparently the last 10 episodes of the 52 ep series aren't even subbed into English. Woe.

Monday, 17 December 2012


Mermaid Inspired Music Video: ATLANTIS - AZEALIA BANKS

A friend just introduced me to the concept of "Seapunk" and I realised that this is what I'd been doing without actually realising there was a name for it! It's like little mermaid cybergoth - retro 90's house music with aquatic imagery and mermaid/dolphin themes. Azealia Banks has captured it perfectly in her video Atlantis.

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Mermaid Music Video: Metsatöll - Küü (2011)

Mermaid Music Video: Metsatöll - Küü (2011)

Viking Metal with a mermaid in the video. Ooh! Found this completely by accident when I was searching for the band. Had to share.

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Book Review: Shark Bait by Daisy Harris

Book Review: Shark Bait by Daisy Harris (Ocean Shifters volume 3)

The heroine here is were-sea dragon princess Sophia Aleahar - she's the girl Kai Nasu jilts for mermaid Alara in the previous book Mere Passion.

After 17 mating refusals Sophia is getting desperate. She's about to go into heat and needs to find a mate before then so she's got some choice in the matter. She sets out to find Kai and beg him to reconsider cancelling their engagement (totally unaware he's fallen for Alara). On the way she gets kidnapped by were-sharks.

In the ship's hold she meets another prisoner, the captain's son Raider ShaCrayz - he's held in contempt by the rest of the were-sharks because he is half mere (mermaid) - this is unusual: usually either dragon or shark genes are dominant when mating with mere - getting an actual hybrid is very rare. Raider is the pirate crew's favourite whipping boy when they don't have anyone better to pick on such as Sophia.

The pirates decide to hold Sophia for ransom. Even so a couple of the sharks decide to rape her. Raider saves her by pretending to do the deed himself which instead gets them both rather hot under the collar. Kai arrives to the rescue at this point and Sophia sees his relationship with Alara and realises she has no chance to make him change his mind.

She comes up with a daring plan. She begs Raider to kidnap her and offers him full use of her body until another single dragon comes along and rescues her who will want to mate with her. Raider agrees, but soon finds himself in love with his dragon princess and unwilling to give her up.

The sub plot revolves around Dendric research - the humans who have been kidnapping mere and sharks for scientific research. They are VERY interested in Raider and a dragon in heat just adds to the excitement. As well as our protagonists there's a hunky merman called Nereus in captivity who falls in love with the new research scientist David Webber. Their romance is hindered by the fact that David refuses to give up his research.

The characters are really strong in this one. Loved both the heroes - Raider the hybrid were-shark was both hunky and vulnerable and I liked Nereus too. Sophia with her innate honesty was a decent enough heroine. I particularly liked the mythology/creatures used - I mean off the top of your head can you name me another were-shark hero?  I love Daisy Harris' universe peopled with mermaids, gay mermen, piratical were-sharks and aristocratic were sea dragons its unusual and exciting.

The story was also pretty decent. What I did find odd was the mix of m/f and m/m romance in the same book - in her previous books the two spheres are separate: urban mermen = m/m, ocean shifters = m/f - this might put some readers off. Events happened much slower in this book and there was time for the romance to build which was great.

Criticisms: The writing - lots of mistakes (some really obvious like using mermaid instead of merman and mixing up tenses) also felt all the modernism - email addresses, tweets etc were a bit self indulgent - its fine to use them but we don't need all the addresses and gobbledygook..

Sex scenes weren't as hot as in previous books, but because I really liked the characters I didn't really care that much about that aspect. It was rather refreshing to get more emotional depth. Mer fan wise there's nothing out of the ordinary - our characters all shift to human. Indeed there's very little of the shark side of Raider to be seen.

To conclude, Shark Bait doesn't disappoint. Its a pretty decent erotic romance featuring were-sharks, although there isn't much shark or shifting action going on. A nice lite read that falls perfectly into the realm of guilty pleasure.


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Manga Review: By the Sword volume 2 (2005)

Manga Review: By the Sword volume 2 by Sanami Matoh (2005)

I love it when I find mermaids in unexpected places and that's certainly true here. I was reading this series because I'm a fan of the artist Sanami Matoh (yaoi series Fake) and I had no idea that it featured a mermaid at all... and a kappa (Japanese water sprite) in volume 1 as well, so that was a nice bonus.

The plot of the series follows a half-demon bounty hunter called Asagi on his journey to find the wife of the demon trapped in his magic sword. Along the way he meets various creatures who either help or hinder him. The first encounter entitled simply "Mermaid" has our hero encounter Mizuki a mermaid come to land to track down her sea-dragon father's demon orb which has been stolen. She takes a shine to our handsome hero and offers him her body as well as various sea treasures if he'll help her. He refuses anything more than the treasure, being attached to his companion Kaede (daughter of the demon in his sword).

Only two full tail images, but they are gorgeous. I like Sanami Matoh's artwork anyway, but it's so nice to have her draw a mermaid.

Mizuki has legs on land and the fluted ears common to most Japanese manga mermaids.

For those interested, you can read both volumes of the series online here

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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nostalgia: Garbage Pail Kids

Series 3 of Garbage Pail Kids (1986) Had a mermaid character a) "Smelly Sally" or b) Fishy Phyllis

The same character was re-issued with a different design in the new series.
Thought I'd share.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Short Story - Wet Dreams

Here's a little short story I wrote inspired by my favourite death scene in a horror film possibly ever - A Nightmare on Elm Street IV: The Dream Master - "Swish, killed a fish" where Freddy breaks out of a waterbed. In this case I've given it a mermaid twist. Enjoy!

Wet Dreams


It’s one of those nights; you know the sort, muggy, hot and so damn oppressive that you’re almost praying for the storm to break just so you can get some release from the sticky torment. Even with the window wide open and the covers off, I can’t get to sleep.


I curse knowing that I’ll have dark circles under my eyes in the morning. Rox will never forgive me if I look less than perfect tomorrow. She is determined that now that he’s single again, Jason must want a new girlfriend and that girl should be me.


Jason. The sandy haired, hazel-eyed god of River High, Captain of the football team, lead singer of the school rock-band, king of the social scene and after his spectacular break up with Libby yesterday, currently single...


Nobody could quite believe it. I mean he and Libby had been going steady for months, they were practically engaged! The school’s golden couple, it was a given that they were going to be prom king and queen at the end of the year. 


Then suddenly, in the middle of the cafeteria, Libby drops the bombshell that she won’t be going with him to Dave’s eighteenth on Saturday because she needs to revise for Monday’s media exam. This is only the biggest party of the year – Dave is the first of us to turn eighteen. Talk about kiss of death!


“Poor Jason, it’s not like she even left him for someone else!” Rox said to me during our free period. “As if anyone needs to revise for media studies!”

“And that gives him the right to call her a frigid lesbian whore?” I asked raising my eyebrow.

“Well, that might have been a tad extreme,” Rox admitted, “But come on, Jay had a right to be angry. She blew him off in front of EVERYONE! That’s so humiliating!”


“And she’ll be the one going off to uni in September whilst he’ll be forced to retake the year…” I smiled at the thought of perfect Jason needing to resit.

“Just who’s side are you on?” Rox demanded. “You sound like you almost agree with what Libby did!”

“She can’t be both frigid and a whore that’s a tautology,” I mused ignoring Roxy’s indignation.

“Kath, you are such a geek!”

“And that’s why you love me!” I said teasingly. Rox and I have been best friends for years. In most respects we’re polar opposites and yet that only seems to make us like each other more, her extroverted personality perfectly balances my own reserve. Or had, until now.


“You’d better not talk like that in front of Jason,” she warned. “It would be insensitive. After Libby he’s not going to want… well you know…”

“Any show of intelligence. Yeah I get that. But Rox, why would I care what Jason wants?” I asked her.

She looked at me as if I’d just grown another head.

“Well you are going to be his new girlfriend…”

“I am?” I looked at her in astonishment.

“I know I asked you not to show off that brain of yours, but you don’t have to play that dumb!” Rox exclaimed. “You’re next in line, of course you’re going to be Jason’s first choice!”


“Next in line…?” I looked at her blankly.

“Oh come on! After me you’re Libby’s closest friend. Of course it’s going to be you. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m with Dave I’d make a play for him myself. Jay is such a total stud muffin! It’s a crime for anyone that hot to be single!” I couldn’t help it, I laughed at that and my amusement instantly dissolved the tension between us.


Jason is gorgeous, there’s no denying that, so why aren’t I as ecstatic at the thought of being his girl as Rox obviously is? Switching on the light I grab our yearbook and flip through until I find the picture of him and Libby taken not long after they got together. He looks blissfully happy, arms draped around her in a possessive manner, yet she looks… I don’t know, trapped. Why had I never noticed that before?


My head begins to throb with that kind of ache when your body’s telling you you desperately need to sleep and your mind rebels wanting to uncover those niggling little things that are just tantalisingly out of reach. It’s no use arguing. I drop the book onto the bedside table, switch off the light, this time for good and settle down to sleep.


I toss and turn for a while finally settling on my stomach. Rox thinks it’s weird that I like to sleep on my front, but as I told her it’s more comfortable as I’ve got more padding that way. The waterbed ripples, moulding itself to my curves, its gentle swish lulling me into a trance. Finally I think, finally!


Suddenly I’m jerked out of my doze by a thump to my belly. What the fuck? There it goes again. It’s like the reverse of what I imagine it would be like to be pregnant, kicks and punches coming from the outside... I hold myself perfectly still and the bed begins to ripple around me. Breathing hard I tear at the sheet. And then I see her. Libby? My brain freezes. How is this possible?


But there she is, her naked body mirroring mine, separated only by a thin wall of translucent plastic. She opens her mouth as if to tell me something but only bubbles escape. Frustrated she punches the plastic then unfurls her fingers pressing her palms against the barrier. Instinctively I do the same, staring into her wide sea-green eyes, trying to decipher the hidden message there.


She glances at our palms, almost touching and smiles at me. Like her reflection I find myself smiling back. Her wheat-ripe hair swirls around her like seaweed. She seems so carefree, so happy and seeing her like this I realise that I’ve never really ‘seen’ her before. Not that she’d ever been miserable… but now she just seems to have this… spark.


Something tightens inside me. I want that spark, that indefinable… something desperately. With more strength than I thought possible I break through the plastic and lace my fingers with hers. Tell me, I want to say to her. Tell me what the secret is.


Our bodies crash together and her soft, warm flesh moulds to accommodate mine far more satisfying than impersonal plastic. But rather than letting me go, strong arms wind themselves around me, pressing us closer together. I shiver, but not with the cold. Indeed I’m so hot I feel like my insides are volcanic magma, bubbling, bubbling…


I feel something cold and slimy slap against my thigh. I look down but my eyes can’t fully process what I’m seeing. Slowly my eyes travel upwards from the splayed fin to where the iridescent scales merge with human flesh. Higher… Higher… She looks at me now with unadulterated hunger. Panic beats a frantic tattoo in my chest. I begin to struggle. Her glossy pink lips seize mine in a kiss that is part lust and all possession. I fight harder, jerking my legs caught in the steel vice of her tail. Eyes glittering she draws me deeper.








The next thing I know it’s morning and mum’s coming into the room with a cup of coffee. She looks at the bed. The cup drops to the floor and coffee splashes across the haphazard rainbow heap of discarded clothes. My eyes stare vacantly up at her from behind their plastic tomb. My naked corpse floats inside the waterbed like some twisted modern art instillation. Mum’s scream is loud enough to wake the dead…


Groggily my uncoordinated hand searches for the alarm clock, desperate to stop its incessant beeping. My heart slows to normal as the world around me swims into focus, everything looking as it should: Clothes in a heap, waterbed solid, not a body in sight. After my hurried shower, I stare into the mirror, apart from appearing perhaps a little paler than normal I don’t look any different. But inside… well that’s another story. Picking out an eye-catching scarlet ensemble that yesterday I never would have dared to wear for school, I dress, readying myself to face the sharks.        

Mermaid Music Video - Gutterfly by My beautiful Deadly Children

Mermaid Music Video - Gutterfly by My beautiful Deadly Children (2010)
Has a wonderful burlesque carnival mermaid:
Watch the whole video on youtube.

New Mermaid Graphic Novel Sailor Twain

New mermaid graphic novel  Sailor Twain looks really good!

Article about it here:
Sailor Twain

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Poem: The ballad of Scurvy Joe

I was ‘quest to write a ballad, “Like ye stories of old

About adventure on the high seas; piratical and bold!

Line structure should be formal, De-dum, de-dum de-dum

Rhyming every second line, Yet keeping the story fun!”

The end result is... quirky, like ‘most everything I do,

Did I meet the challenge set? I’ll leave that up to you!

So settle back, assail your ears, for an epic tale of woe

Without any more delay - The ballad of Scurvy Joe!

The Ballad of Scurvy Joe

The hero of this narrative

If hero he be deemed,

Is an old salt named Josiah,

Whom nobody esteemed.


A black-patch masked his wooden eye,

The first of many flaws:

He only had two crooked teeth

His gums were bleeding sores,


His legs were bowed, his nose was bent

No Johnny Depp was he,

His skin was pocked-marked, yellowish

Tough and leathery.


His hair was coarser than his speech,

A squirming tangle of mice,

A minor inconvenience,

But at least they ate the lice!


He reeked of rum and rotting fish,

Never bathed nor changed his clothes,

One whiff of Scurvy Joe downwind

Was enough to curl the toes.


His age was indeterminate,

Some said he’d sailed the flood!

A truly ancient mariner,

With ocean in the blood.


Yet he’d never risen to captain

Or even position of mate,

Forever swabbing the decks

Was poor Josiah’s fate.


Decades of faithful service

Gained him nothing but neglect,

Even the whey-faced cabin boy

Garnered more respect!


Joe suffered his lot in silence

Or if he did complain,

No-one could understand him,

So it was all the same.


All he ever said was “Fishing”

The only word he knew,

And his favourite occupation

When work allowed him to.


One day while alone on deck

Joe spied a mermaid on a rock,

He rubbed his good eye in disbelief

And dropped his mop in shock!


But there she sat as bold as brass

Comb and glass in hand,

 Catching poor Josiah’s eye

She sang out her demand –


“I call to thee, O sailor fair

Come and be my mate

Jump into the wine-dark sea

Eternity awaits...


I call to thee, O sailor true

Come into my arms

I will keep thee warm at night,

Safe from every harm.”


Heeding her persuasive call

He dived into the waves

But oblivion in murky depths -

Was not to be his grave!


Unlike other sirens of the deep

This mermaid kept her vow,

Filled his lungs with healing breath

She dragged him to her bower...


Candles flickered within her cave

Where waiting stood a priest,

An earnest man of preaching bent

Thrown overboard for his beliefs


He had no love for buccaneers

Or any godless folk

But this mermaid saved his life

And so a debt was owed


Besides she wanted honest vows

Before sight of the Lord

A noble undertaking

He did nothing but applaud.


And so Scurvy Joe was married

To a maiden of the sea

For better or for worse

In wedded harmony...


At first they seemed quite happy

In that cave beneath the sea

Having such a fish-wife

Was quite the novelty


But novelties wear off like spells

And love will soon grow stale,

When you wake up one morning

Find your wife looks like a whale!


Josiah was no Adonis,

But his wife was truly vile,

Many a ship was wrecked

By sight of her rictus smile


Clammy skin bulged with blubber

Her strength could rival an ox

Her hair was twined with tentacles

Her teeth were jagged rocks


Her voice could rupture ear-drums

Venom laced her kiss

The glass in her hand wasn’t a mirror,

And she drank like the proverbial fish.


Her temper was worse than a sea squall

Grudges she clung to with bile,

In the face of Josiah’s rejection

She became yet more volatile!


Frenzied she chased him relentless

Cleaver and glass in her grip,

Right out of the cavern they shared,

And into the ocean’s abyss...


Yet again fate intervened

For Josiah did not drown

Along came a lumbering leviathan who

With one gulp swallowed him down...


But unlike Jonah in the whale

Josiah did not escape,

In the belly of a kraken

Our hero met his fate.


His mer-widow cried her eyes out,

Sober now and contrite,

For she had truly loved her husband

And mourned his ignoble plight.


The Kraken was harpooned by some whalers

Caught by mistake in their nets

It’s death-throes of epic proportions

None who survived would ever forget


They gutted the beast with sharp daggers,

Shocked to the core when they found,

The Skeleton of poor Josiah

Fleshless yet moving around!


“Is that a ghost or a zombie?”

One man was heard to shout,

Lopping the thing’s head with a sword-stroke

The others cared not to find out.


Joe picked up his skull with a curse

And screwed it back onto his spine

The sailors knock-kneed in terror,

Jumped head-first into the brine.


Alone on the deck of the whaler

Josiah laughed with glee,

He might be dead, but he had a ship

Unchallenged captaincy!


Placing his hands on the wheel

He steered into open sea,

Keeping a wary eye out for mermaids

 In case one of them was she....


Harpoon always oiled and ready

He fished to his heart’s delight,

There were plenty more fish in the sea!

The future refreshingly  bright.


So ends the ballad of Scurvy Joe

Who took a mermaid to wife –

I’m sure that there’s a moral there

But I can’t find it for my life!

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Mermaid Adverts

A selection of mermaids in TV comercials:
  1. Nescafe Frappe - Greece.
  2. Toronto Zoo - Canada - 2007.
  3. Lynx Dry - United Kingdom - 2004.
  4. Levi's - United Kingdom - 2007. A commercial featuring the British actor and model Paul Sculfor. Music track : "Underwater Love" by Smoke City.
  5. Dairy Queen (DQ) - USA - 2007. A commercial featuiring the US actor Dwayne Andrews.
  6. Manzanita Sol - Mexico - 1999.
  7. Lucky lotteries - United Kingdom - 1995. Music track: "She's a lady" by Tom Jones.
  8. Mobinil - Egypt.

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Mermaid Music Video: Martha's Harbour (fanvid)

Little Mermaid fan-vid I found using one of my favourite songs "Martha's Harbour" sadly it's the Meav version and not the more haunting All About Eve original, still whenever I hear this song I do think about a lonely mermaid. I'd love to see a mermaid fan vid using the All About Eve version if anyone out there is skilled at these sorts of things.

Mermaid Music video: Chris Isaak "Wicked Game"

Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" (1989)

Ok, not strictly a mermaid, but could be. I like to think so anyway :)

Rosario + Vampire volume 5 - were-kraken

Rosario + Vampire volume 5

In this volume Mizore the snow fairy faces off against lecherous gym teacher Okuto Kotsubo. He tries to seduce her and gets nasty when he fails.

Nasty in this case has an extra meaning because his monster form is a Kraken.

I've never seen a were-kraken before. Now there's an original concept for a paranormal romannce!  

Cameo appearance - Rosario + vampire volume 10

Manga - Rosario + Vampire volume 10

Mermaid club president of the swim team Tamao Ichinose, who was last seen having been beaten up by Moka in volume 1, makes a tiny cameo in the final volume of the series. A magic mirror reveals each monster's true form and we get one panel in which we see Ichinose in the mirror:

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Mermaid Music Video: Destiny's Child - With Me

Mermaid Music Video: With me - Destiny's Child (1998)

For some reason I can't embed this one, but you should be able to see it if you
Click here

Beyonce as a black tailed mermaid in the official video for With Me - sadly this has never actually been released on DVD or CD, although you can sometimes catch it on music channels.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mermaid Music Video: Music - Madonna (2000)

I caught this on VH1 over the weekend - Music by Madonna (2000) has a brief animated sequence where Madonna turns in to a mermaid and swims among purple fish that look like Ali G - The whole video references other Madonna videos - this bit probably a nod towards Cherish - the mermaid then pops up from a wine glass and morphs into Madonna in the American pie outfit.

Review: Mere Passion

Book Review: Mere Passion by Daisy Harris
(Ocean Shifters book 2)

Mermaid Princess Alara is furious that her father has accepted help from the dragon council until she sets eyes on handsome were-sea dragon General Kai Nasu. She seduces the straight-laced virginal general but promises herself that her heart will stay out of the equation: She is in charge of the Islands armed forces and no dragon, no matter how hot is going to challenge her for control. The pair must overcome both race prejudice and their own personal issues of dominance in order to track down the mad scientist who is kidnapping helpless mermaid children to experiment on. To add an extra spanner in the works, it looks increasingly likely that the dragon council is in on the plot and may be sanctioning the research....

Really liked the plot of this - I love the mermaid/dragon dynamic - The mere were once the slaves of the arrogant dragons, and while they are now independent, there is still resentment on both sides. I also like the evil scientist idea - the ship kidnapping paranormals for research.

Characters are so-so - I did like the hunky hero General Kai Nasu and could picture him looking like a proud African warrior. It was a tad unconvincing that he was a virgin, but he was certainly hot, noble and competent - you could easily see why Alara fell for him.

I wasn't as keen on Alara - There wasn't much particularly wrong with her, I just didn't find her that interesting. Still I liked the idea that she was captain of the guard, and stood up for herself.

More interesting was the subplot characters - Graicie the succubus with a conscience and vampire John Karon, Captain of the research ship - What's great about these characters is their flaws. Graicie has to leave John before he feels guilty enough to do the right thing.

There's plenty of mermaid content - our mere have seal like tails that manifest when they hit salt water - And dragons turn into full scale scaled beasts. Really like the image of the mermaid riding on the back of a sea dragon. Sex scenes are fairly hot, but sadly all in human form.

I really enjoyed Mere Passion - a strong story, and the world created here is original and draws in the reader. Decent enough characters, throw in some hot sex and a happily ever after. Everything you could want in an erotic mermaid novel, though not amazing.

verdict 7/10

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Manga Review: Jyunketsu Ningyo

Manga Review: Jyunketsu Ningyo by Mikage Tsubaki

Merman Sango (uke) comes to the landworld to work in a company in order to make money to support his undersea family. He somehow gets promoted to junior secretary to the president Minami (seme). There’s an urgent package that needs delivery within 20 minutes, and there is no way humanly possible to get it there on time. The recipient is the father of Minami’s girlfriend and his engagement rides on it arriving on time. The secretaries are tearing out their hair. Sango finally pipes up that if Minami will trust him, he can get it there in time. The other secretaries scarper and Minami has no choice but to entrust the package to Sango.

Sango packs the item water tight and then swims the channel to the destination, getting it there safely. He returns and passes out at the president’s feet. He wakes naked, in the president’s bed. Minami asks him how he achieved the impossible. If a mer-person tells a lie they turn into bubbles and die. Sango has no choice but to reveal that he is a merman – and shows his fishtail. [We don’t see how he suddenly manifests his tail, but I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt and say he pours a glass of water by the bedside onto his legs]. Minami is both stunned and aroused, never having seen anything so beautiful.
He dries out and is hugely embarrassed to be completely naked... and human, before Minami! Minami wastes no time in seducing the super cute merman. Afterwards, his girlfriend turns up. Minami breaks up with her, but Sango knows that if Minami stays with him, he will never have a normal life and family. He lies and tells Minami he doesn't love him and then goes to the seashore to await the sunrise and his metamorphosis into bubbles. Minami finds him and says that he will never let him go. Sango remains as he is, true lover conquering all... and they live happily ever after.
The second story is a follow on, in which Sango wants to get Minami a present. He swims to the bottom of the ocean and finds a piece of broken glass. While he's gone Minami goes mad, thinking his lover has left him. When he returns, he's at first puzzled by the broken glass, but soon comes to treasure it more than anything because of the thought behind it.
There are several other (non merman) stories in the anthology, the best of which is "Hercules" which deals with a beetle who falls in love with his keeper and wishes to the beetle god to make him human - very similar to the Haru/clam story in "Selfish Mr. Mermaid" - There's another transformation one about an albino snake. "Found love with you" the last story is also really nice, about a boy who kisses his best friend and feels so guilty that he doesn't wait around to see if his feelings are reciprocated. Its only years later he finds out that his friend loves him back.  Worth checking out for yaoi fans but no mermaid content.
Back to our merman story...
The story is really sweet and the characters are great, particularly Sango the merman. Artwork's not bad either, the colour cover and frontispiece are gorgeous. Things move a tad too quickly, being a short and all - I would have liked more explanations - why doesn't Sango turn to bubbles? How does he get his tail in Minami's bed? Also I'd have liked more underwater tail scenes and just more... everything! 
Sex is all in human form and typical yaoi. There is a pretty hot sex scene at the end of the second story as Minami shows Sango just how much he loves him. Thumbs up, there, very nice.
I liked the idea that merpeople can't lie on pain of death, and thought that the broken glass present was such a lovely story idea. The BL version of the little mermaid, with a happy ending, Jyunketsu Ningyo is a worthy addition to the mer-slash genre and definitely one to track down.

Available to read online here

Verdict 7/10