Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Review: Mere Passion

Book Review: Mere Passion by Daisy Harris
(Ocean Shifters book 2)

Mermaid Princess Alara is furious that her father has accepted help from the dragon council until she sets eyes on handsome were-sea dragon General Kai Nasu. She seduces the straight-laced virginal general but promises herself that her heart will stay out of the equation: She is in charge of the Islands armed forces and no dragon, no matter how hot is going to challenge her for control. The pair must overcome both race prejudice and their own personal issues of dominance in order to track down the mad scientist who is kidnapping helpless mermaid children to experiment on. To add an extra spanner in the works, it looks increasingly likely that the dragon council is in on the plot and may be sanctioning the research....

Really liked the plot of this - I love the mermaid/dragon dynamic - The mere were once the slaves of the arrogant dragons, and while they are now independent, there is still resentment on both sides. I also like the evil scientist idea - the ship kidnapping paranormals for research.

Characters are so-so - I did like the hunky hero General Kai Nasu and could picture him looking like a proud African warrior. It was a tad unconvincing that he was a virgin, but he was certainly hot, noble and competent - you could easily see why Alara fell for him.

I wasn't as keen on Alara - There wasn't much particularly wrong with her, I just didn't find her that interesting. Still I liked the idea that she was captain of the guard, and stood up for herself.

More interesting was the subplot characters - Graicie the succubus with a conscience and vampire John Karon, Captain of the research ship - What's great about these characters is their flaws. Graicie has to leave John before he feels guilty enough to do the right thing.

There's plenty of mermaid content - our mere have seal like tails that manifest when they hit salt water - And dragons turn into full scale scaled beasts. Really like the image of the mermaid riding on the back of a sea dragon. Sex scenes are fairly hot, but sadly all in human form.

I really enjoyed Mere Passion - a strong story, and the world created here is original and draws in the reader. Decent enough characters, throw in some hot sex and a happily ever after. Everything you could want in an erotic mermaid novel, though not amazing.

verdict 7/10

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