Monday, 20 August 2012

Anime Episode Review: Rosario + Vampire 1.5

Anime Episode Review: Rosario + Vampire 1.5 "School Swimsuits + vampire"

This is the anime adaptation of the mermaid encounter found in test 3 of the manga.

It follows exactly the same plot - Tsukune wants to join the swim club and the president is an evil mermaid who wants him.

It's gorgeous to see this in colour - we get her green hair and orange tail which is a nice reversal of Ariel. And of course their personalities are polar opposite as well.

The anime also makes a little more of the other mermaid members of the team.

So our evil mermaid attacks Tsukune:

Moka dives in to rescue him and the girls fight. Moka turns into her super vamp alter-ego and trounces the mermaid in a mid air fight. Again, really loving the use of colour - the pool become red like blood.

Moka is victorious and we get this nice scene, not seen in the manga, of the defeated mermaid caught in a net. 

Short and sweet. Evil mermaid monster overcome, not much more to say really - except we never see her legs in the anime, she's always in the water.

verdict: 6/10

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