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Manga Review: Rosario + Vampire Volume 1

Manga Review: Rosario + Vampire Volume 1

1st volume of this charming series, follows average student Tsukune who after failing his high school entrance exams for every school in the human world, accidentally gets sent to Yokai Acadamy - a high school for monsters, where he is the only human and must hide the fact. In this volume, Tsukune meets the love of his life, vampire Moka, and her love rival, buxom succubus Kurumu. He fights off a band of killer mermaids, a werewolf and joins the school newspaper club. Fun story, super cute art-work.

Test (chapter) 3: Going clubbing, deals with Tsukune and Moka deciding which extra-curricular school club they want to join. Tsukune wants to join the swim club. He’s ok at swimming and wants to show off to Moka – plus seeing her in a bikini wouldn’t hurt. There are two big problems. Firstly vampires react badly to water because of its purification properties – so Moka can’t even enter the pool. Secondly the club president, Tamao Ichinose is a mermaid who wants to eat him.

The story plays out like all the other encounters in the manga - Tamao attacks Tsukune in the pool.

Moka dives in to save save him, even though it may well be fatal. Tsukune manages to rip the cross from around Moka's neck - she becomes her super vampire alter ego and trounces the mermaid in a mid air fight. One battered evil mermaid gives up and everyone else lives happily to fight another monster.

Evil flesh eating mermaids are reasonably common in Japanese manga. They are women, often depicted with green hair, fluked ears and razor sharp teeth - Here our mermaid can also transform at will into a bikini clad hottie. 
As this is only a very short interlude in the saga, there isn't much mer action, though i do have to give a huge thumbs up for the mid air bitch fight which is really nicely done.

Verdict 5/10

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