Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sanctuary - Season 4

Sanctuary Season 4  (2011)

Another fun season, although the first half does seem to be a bit of a reboot going back to the first season's episodic format. There are some excellent episodes, most notably the musical episode "Fuge" which is brilliant. Lots of Tesla episodes too (yay!). Sadly again, no mermaid content whatsoever, other than in the title sequence and a couple of mentions in dialogue.

Mermaid Sally gets a brief mention twice: once in episode 4.3, Will says why can't the government official come to do an audit of the sanctuary be satisfied with a simple photo with the mermaid. In episode 4.10 Biggie is brainwashed by the Crixorum, Magnus reveals that she is getting mermaid Sally to help repair the neurological damage. Episode 4.7 references back to episode 1.9 where we had the mermaid massacre caused by a microscopic parasite.

It looks like this is it for Sanctuary and it sadly won't be returning for a 5th season. The board is wide open for fan-fiction however :) 

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