Friday, 13 July 2012

News: Hydrophobia in production hell

I caught up with actress Bai Ling at London film and comic con last weekend and asked her why all information about upcoming mermaid horror film "Hydrophobia" had vanished. She was quite candid in telling me that the project has run out of money - sadly there is not a big market for mer horror - I'm guessing that's why we've not seen a sequel to the wonderful "she creature" either, despite the cover saying it is mermaid chronicles part 1. So there you have it - Hydrophobia seems to have sunk without a trace. A great shame as I think Bai ling would have made a wonderfully exotic siren. I guess those of us wanting exotic mermaids will have to wait with bated breath for the Chinese epic "Empires of the Deep" and hope that doesn't go the same way as hydrophobia. Sigh.

Here's Bai Ling in "The Crow." Ah what could have been....

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